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Saturday, April 25, 2009

~My Dear~

i dont understand,
why people always choose to become
so popular among opposite gender?
i did have friends like that,
i'm also influenced to become such that,
oh, i will stop doing that!

i dont get it why we want to be loved by someone??!
yet, we've known our future mate,
is not in our scope of power,
maybe we've like that to fill time,
our leisure time in life,
our temporarily time given,
our precious time to catch up,
i guess.

i cant make it look sense in mind,
seeing those holding hands in public,
showing of their love together,
why must they feel pleasure,
when people do curse them deeply in heart?
perhaps lust beautify their fake love,
making them no more dignity to protect of ~

i'm not able to make things right,
when i'm seeing my old friends still happy,
they are happy deeply in love to someone,
someone who wont stop to get something,
something that not belong to them anyway.

i'm bored to give up,
holding my friends heart towards the true path,
i wont let them fly away without the rope of ISLAM,
i want them to be with me,
i want them to stay with me,
i want them to know the TRUE LOVE.

oh my dearest friends,
Dont you feel blush on your cheeks,
Dont you just feel guilty in your hearts,
if you know, ALLAH is watching of you,
not just watch during prime time,
but, always always n always witout break time.

oh my dearest friends,
i wonder where have you girls have been,
i hope you girls wont get lost with the fake love of guys!,
trust me, they dont love you,
as your true friends did,
as great as your parents did!

i did lost my father,
i did lost his love in this world,
i tense for not making my father happy of me,
i wont let you to lost him instead of that boy!
i didnt want you to get pampered by wrong man,
poor of me by letting you girls such that.

oh dear, oh dear, oh dear,
why do you girls just dont get it...
im sad, im feeling bad,
just seeing you girls socializing,
socializing without any limit,
that is not what we call freedom,
that is the cage stopping you to search the TRUE ONE...

trust me, trust me,
if you asked your heart,
which love that you will choose?
i'm sure you'll say, ALLAH's love,
even without uttering by mouth,
even not expressing in your daily act,
but, when he dumped you,
when he leaves you,
im really sure you'll back to to the LOVE..

ALLAH'S LOVE wont let you down..
ALLAH's LOVE wont make you stressed out,
ALLAH's LOVE wont make you cry in hatred..

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