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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let us share together

Bismillahirrah manirrahnim..

Kaifahal imanukum? How's ur iman (faith)? Yankud au yanzid? (Decreasing or increasing?)

Mai teman mai rapat2. kita kongsi sedikit ilmu yg masih cetek lagi di jiwa.
Come on, let's join me to enchance our knowledge more about Islam (^_^)

Praise to ALLAH, for giving me and you, my brother, my sisters in ISLAM, the religion of peacefulness. Dont judge ISLAM by the way of muslim but judge by what it brings to our world.. (~_~)

Let us begin...hem tonight, i was given a chance to deepen my knowledge on how to become
A kind and disciplined people in this way towards ALLAH's will. thanks to my mua'llim (teacher)..

Firstly, i must instill my HONESTY (its kinda hard you know on how we tackle this honesty. huu. yet, dont ever give up ok ?)

Like our beloved prophet said "Innama a'malu binniyat ila akhir ayat" -- I'm sorry i cant make this hadith completely in romanization as i'm not pro in it..(T_T) you can refer to this hadith from other source ok =)

In translation is "Indeed, each amal (deed) is begin with niat (intention). Indeed, reward is based on what he intended of. Thus, those who make hijrah (movement towards good) because of ALLAH and His Messenger, thus the reward is because of ALLAH and His Messenger. And those who make hijrah for the world that he wanted for or because of the women that he want to get married with, thus the hijrah is for what he wanted as it is" (Muttafaqun' alaihi)

Furthermore, one scholars of Islam named Wahab ibnu Munabbih
said in order for us to instill honesty in our heart is can be achieved by remembering this three basic things =)

a) Avoid to follow our lust (this is our internal enemy, can't be removed even by specialist doctor,so,just guide it towards what ALLAH told us to so. best of luck my friends)

b) Avoid bad friends - wait wait,it doesnt mean that we can't be friend with him or her anymore, but we've got to avoid following his or her bad behaviour. Somehow,it is still our duty to help him or her to become a good Muslim/ah right? (^_^)

c) Don't become boast off or be proud of ourselves. (@_#)
i.e ; if we think that we are the only one that stand up during 2/3 of night to perform Tahajjud (Qiamullail), just think that there are still hundred thousand or even million of people around the world is just doing the same thing... ouch.. (T_T)

Plus, our Imam As-Syafie also said that
"If we worry about the element of boast of (u'jub) in our action, thus, remember to ALLAH's forgiveness or willingness (reward that we wanted for or the negative result that we wanted to avoid off).Those who think such that,indeed he or she will feels how very little tiny about his or her amal (action)"

It doesnt weigh as much more and much more reward that ALLAH has given, is been giving or will be given to us.. Oh ALLAH, please forgive us for not noticing this..(T_~,)

Secondly?? later on i'll continue ok. (~_^)
Just wait and see.. heeehee..
Let us be consistent even in very little good things besides doing more things, but somehow we left it most..
Warm Greeting to you my sisters and brothers in ISLAM..
May ALLAH will always guide us forever... (~_^)

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