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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sealed with Syukur~

Just wanna express my gratitude to my Beloved ALLAH the Most Merciful (^_^)

thank you ALLAH ; celebrating me with this bounty of Islam
thank you ALLAH ; giving me hard time so that i can repent to You
thank you ALLAH ; pampering me with my parents love & my family care
thank you ALLAH ; pleasuring my life with healthy mind, body and life
thank you ALLAH ; cherishing me with lots of friends,
they give me smile and tears that grows my maturity
thank you ALLAH ; blessing me with this movement,they open up wide scope of aim
thank you ALLAH ; bringing up my heart to love and live so that I can enjoy happiness
If there's time i tend to blame You when every wrong thing happen to me,
please dont take away my sense of gratitude cause i know
abundance of good things is there for me.

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